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The North Journey is set in TSR’s World of Greyhawk from the 1983 box set, and begins just before Richfest in Common Year 577, two years after events recorded in the Catalogue and three-and-a-half years after the disappearance of the Prince of Furyondy. The later events of the official TSR/WOTC Greyhawk Wars and From the Ashes haven’t yet happened, and probably won’t – I had a different story arc in mind 25 years ago when I was first developing this campaign, and I’ve no reason to change now.

Play is centered largely in the western portion of the Flannæss, especially Keoland straight north through Perrenland, though right now significant adventuring is taking place in White Plume Mountain, located a day’s ride northeast of the Free City of Hardby. What else will be thrown at the party is my secret and/or under construction, with a combination of my own adventure scenarios and modified AD&D modules.

The Party

Alenfred – Dwarven Ranger, male, currently Level 5

Bobill – Human Magic-User, male, currently Level 5

Chees P’uhlease – Human Cleric, female, currently Level 6

Darmok – Human Paladin, male, currently Level 4

Exex – Gray-elf Magic-User/Thief, female, currently Level 4/4

Garath – Human Barbarian, male, currently Level 4

Paddy the Tallfellow – Halfling Fighter/Thief, male, currently Level 4/5

Rebamac – Half-elven Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User, female, currently Level 4/4/3

Trathonax – Human Ranger, male, currently Level 4

Notable NPCs:

Arleth Berlothos

Tylanis Johnsson



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