The Book of Eibon

Evil Artifact


Rumored written by Nyarlathotep himself, the artifact known as the Book of Eibon (“Black Book” in the Ancient Suloise) is an evil manuscript given by Nyarlathotep to his chief priest on Oerth. It is a large volume, 15” high by 10” wide with a nearly 3” thick spine, bound in lusterless black dragon hide with a clasp and trim at the corners and spine of dull black adamantium. The cover is unadorned.

Within, heavy pages of yellowing prepared skin detail one version of a creation myth, up to the rise of humankind; descriptions of several of the Old Ones and their worship rituals; a history of the summonings of ‘Umr At-Tawil, Camazotz,and Shub-Niggurath to Oerth; and magic spells to be used in summoning rituals.

The spells it contains are:

Clerical: Combine, Ceremony (Dedication, Invest, Consecrate Item), Holy Symbol, Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding, Negative Plane Protection, Curse, Ceremony (Ordination), Ceremony (Consecrate Ground), Abjure, Exorcise, Dispel Evil, Dispel Good, Insect Plague, Aerial Servant, Forbiddance, Exaction, Gate, Unholy Word, Succor, Symbol

Magic-User: Confusion, Dismissal, Dolor, Feeblemind, Conjure Elemental, Spiritwrack, Ensnarement, Banishment, Torment

In addition to its noted spells this evil tome, until recently in the possession of one of Nyarlathoteps’s chief clerics, Ossondretem, permits the bearer to cast Fear on all in a 6” radius, Save vs. Spell at -2.

The Book radiates a very strong aura of evil and chaos, and holy characters of Good alignment, such as clerics and paladins, will not be able to hold the book without experiencing pain and losing 1 point of Constitution and 1-4 hit points. Physical and magical attacks will not harm the Book; only the actions of Lawful and/or Good deities can destroy this artifact.


The Book of Eibon

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