Dwarven Poacher


Vlandril is a poacher, scoundrel and all-around miscreant who hunted illegally in the King’s forest of Axewood, killing unicorns and selling their horns, among other crimes. Along with his accomplices Jarlee (a female thief) and Rashman (a male illusionist), he was tracked down in the Axewood. He and Jarlee were captured and brought to justice; the illusionist died in the fight.

He is currently imprisoned in Niole-dra.

Update from White Plume Mountain: Vlandril was discovered in White Plume Mountain, captured and delivered to the authorities in Hardby for interrogation regarding the stolen sacred objects. He revealed that he works for a being known as Balo, some sort of Bard, Troubador, or Jester.

Currently imprisoned in Hardby.



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