The North Journey - A Greyhawk Campaign

White Plume Mountain, Part IV

Finishing the Recovery

The Font and Arrow are recovered.

Well, well, all but one made it across, and are heading for the vampire’s lair; they’ll need the key and it’s in the Cube! Ha ha – oh, drat, the shorty seems to have noticed it and…they’re burning it. When all’s said and done it wasn’t that tough, perhaps.

They took their time getting through the door, couldn’t seem to figure out what all the little holes were for. Very cautious, this group, they don’t want to get too near the coffin. Doesn’t matter, Ctenmiir has his task to do, and he’ll get them wherever they stand! Lads and lasses, grumblers all, meet Ctenmiir, who will have your soul – Ctenmiir is rather chatty today. Blast your undead shell, vampire, get on with it! At last, he’s charmed Shorty, let’s see some blooZAAAAPPPPP!

THAT was unexpected – the unpleasant savage hurled his javelin and not only did it turn into a lightning bolt, unfortunately striking Ctenmiir, but it’s stroke caught the shorty, half-elf, and the savage himself in it’s wake! Oh, come on Meat Tin, don’t do Ctenmiir in – damn interloper! The Font is now theirs. Looks like one challenge to go…

Back across, after stuffing the Font in their magic bag, and disagreements arise – could they be getting worn? Yes, some insisted on resting and recovering though they weren’t badly hurt, and some of the gargoyles came along to put them to the test for that! But this group is strong with their swords, I’ll grant, so a couple stonewings weren’t much trouble. On they press, to the Kelpie’s lair!

The invaders were prepared for the Kelpies, and made it past without charm. Get it – without charm? Those Kelpies really are so weak as to be useless, must replace them with some electric eels or something…

Interesting. Confronted with the three flood doors, those fools must be ignorant of their purpose, for they’ve spiked the doors all open! Then they go down the side passage anyway? They must want to meet Burket and Snarla.

They’ve reached the spinning tube; they’re examining it; so cautious, they are, they don’t dare enter. Instead, they set it afire – and nearly get hit by a couple arrows… looks as if they won’t even attempt it unless the spinning is stopped, so the savage and Meat Tin are running back, through the kelpie’s lair, to get an iron pole from the turnstile they partially dismantled.

Heh, heh, the poles are gone, so they’ll have to chisel another out. And of course the commotion will bring a couple undead pets to pester them…

Well, well, Meat Tin has stopped the spinning tube by jamming the post in. On you go, the lot of you, to Snarla’s lair. The door is locked, barred, impassable. Once they break in and examine, another door in the far wall opens and the room gets Webbed – ah, Burket hurls a torch to set them all on fire!

That was a quick battle, and on they go to loot the room. Not much, is there? This group seems so disappointed. There’s no where left to go but through the flood doors to the cave of flesh.

Shorty wants to set the “cave” on fire, but the others are stopping him – it’s a bad idea… A lone chest in the center of the bubble-cave is drawing their attention – and suspicion. They think they see something swirling around the chest, but they’re not sure; well, Meat Tin has decided to venture forth and examine the chest.

It’s full of golden arrows! Don’t know which one to pick, do you? Ahhh, the old “grab’em all and run” – well, running back, you see you’ve got company, and all those arrows just leapt from your arms and are attacking you! Boy, those little guys – remind me of leprechauns – sure move blindingly fast, don’t they? Oho, the skinny mage cast a web and trapped everyone in it, almost. A couple of the interlopers are able to wriggle about, cutting out their companions and slaying the quick little pixies.

Well, now that their opposition is dead, they’ve decided to leave our little funhouse, taking the Font and Arrow with them. Mayhaps it was too easy…

The group returned to Hardby with the Font of Bacchus and the Arrow of Apollo, then gathered their wagon from the Constabulary and headed back to Niole-dra. Arriving at their destination after an uneventful journey (the best kind), they proceeded to divvy spoils, sell off the ancient manuscripts found in the Library of Pazar, upgrade their armor, train, and bought an empty shoppe and warehouse. Paddy and Rebamac trained and leveled up, while Darmok and Chees were inducted provisionally into the Knights of the Law.

Here, the campaign takes a break for several months, at least, while we switch DM’ing roles so we can roll-up new characters to adventure under the watchful eyes of DM Bob.



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