The North Journey - A Greyhawk Campaign

White Plume Mountain, Part III

Slow Going

Slow Going

The interlopers rested until the water all drained, then went to the south door after taking the jewelry in the safe. Muddy-water filled room, and two mounds they can see. They check with their pole; still not sure it’s safe, I guess. They’re dragging a water-lion carcass to the door and tossing it in. Savage hurls his spear at one of the mounds – nothing. Get along, all of you! No, still suspicious, and after another toss of the carcass they think they see something…and it sees them! It shambles after them as they flee back to the ziggurat, but turns and goes back to it’s muck – noone fallen yet from it’s deadly stare. They decide to follow it back and pepper it with missiles, magical and non, and though it tries to kill several, they survive the shivery, empty eyes.

Now the Savage is examining the other mound, and finds it hollow and a trapdoor on top – the little one is looking for traps and then goes in. At last they’ve recovered the Mirror of Diana and the chest with bags, including the magic bag.

At this point the party returned to Hardby with the first of the stolen sacred objects, and Paddy was permitted to sit in on the interrogation of the captured dwarf, Vlandril, whom they had previously arrested in the Axewood. Under the duress of a Truth spell they learn about his limited role in the ’Plume and a name, Balo, some sort of troubador or jester that he works for and arranged for him to be sprung from the Niole-Dra prison. With two more items yet to recover, the group went back into White Plume Mountain.

I see our friends have returned, and are choosing the east passage. Set fire to one of the slimes. They’re going for the south door; no, some decided against and it’s north they head to the jungle room. As the halfling prods the soil and vegetation with his pole the vine-beast snatches it from him and tosses it away. Good riddance! Wait – no, damn them and their flaming oil! Well, it’ll give them a good fight before they hack it to pieces. Poor vine-beast.

Of course, they recover the pole, and proceed up the steps to the turnstile. The elf-woman goes through, to the rest’s objections, and they’re going to chisel the iron bars out of the stone. All that hammering might attract some of the pets…or not. Are they all sleeping – or feeding? Anyway, they’re pressing on to the geyser cave.

This will be a grand test! Will any die in the boiling mud? They see their goal, the platform at the other end, with nine hanging wood disks to cross on and the two geysers to burn them. Fun, fun, fun! The meat-tin is going first, pulling a rope through the chains. Shorty is trying his luck after Meat-tin staked the rope at the other end. Neither slipped, though the geysers burned the halfling. The human bowman is going to cross – he slips! But with a rope tied to him, he doesn’t fall in, as the rest stand outside the door to avoid the splashing boiling mud. Here goes the Savage, and he too succeeds.

The rest are debating; they seem to have come up with a plan. The Priestess casts a spell on the skinny mage, and then she climbs into the magic bag. So does the dwarf and the elf-woman. Mage is scrambling quite nimbly across the chains and rope – very fast, almost spider-like. It appears the woodman will stay behind, and good luck to him!

Here ended play for the night. It took a long time for the party to finally cross the geyser cave, both in game-time and real-time, as Exex counted out the minutes between eruptions and lots of rolls were made crossing the disks.



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