The North Journey - A Greyhawk Campaign

White Plume Mountain, Part II

What's smaller than a dwarf and smells like chicken?

Further Into The Plume…

So the intruders apparently picked off the rest of the ghouls; wasn’t much of a challenge, anyway. And when the meat tin finished bringing the rest up the hall, and their armor cooled down, the went up the steps, further into the game.

They’re in the next room, looking at the pit, and the half-pint decides to jump it – after the savage insists on tying a rope to him. Well, what a surprise, he finds himself floating in midair while the rest just saw him disappear with his wooden pole. After they pull him back, and they’ve seen through the illusion, they still need to get across. It’s an ingenious idea, using the pole to propel forward, but they still have to get through the other door; ahh, now the little sneak realizes he can’t pick the lock. See the chest way down there?

Well, they figured out how to get across by driving spikes into the wall and tying ropes to it, but how do they get to the chest 35’ below? An arrow’s not strong enough, so the savage is tying a rope to his spear and hurling it into the chest – and it sticks. The skinny elf-girl shimmies down the rope, picks the lock and the lid swings open! The key falls out, landing right in the center of the room, leaving her dangling by the lid – all she has to do is let go and she’ll land safely right in the middle…

Heading north leads to the potion room – large, empty, with foot-high door at the other end, a rack of twelve potions, and a riddle tacked to the rack.

The Riddle: “You must drink me to get the key to where the moon be. But ware if ye should fail to see the proper me; for one two three, with awful glee I’ll poison thee!”

Elf and Meat Tin are examining the note as the hairy dwarf touches his tongue to taste each potion in turn; hah, he stammers after one, blows bubbles after another, and – ooh, the leprechaun pee! Ah, looks like Shorty decided to just start sipping them after discussing the riddle with the others; he thinks his halfling stoutness will save him. But he got lucky and found the right one and began shrinking. The elf drank, too, and went with him through the little door.

Now they’ve come running back out – must have found a surprise at the end, huh? They’re yelling taunts through the door, something about dwarven women and their beards, and now the skinny wizard is down, casting a spell…whoa, he sent a fireball through the door! They’ve heard nothing, so now the shrunken pair are heading back to check things out. They’re back…

Well, the priestesses and dwarf in the back by the door just got a surprise hammer attack from the badly-burnt gnomes and dwarf – the gnomes are running, but the dwarf is swinging his hammer in a rage! Meat Tin and the Savage are chasing the gnomes down – and the Savage comes back and tackles the dwarf. Oh, well, fun’s over…

Seems they know this dwarf, Vlandril, from before. Tie him up and make him lead you, sure, good plan. Straight to the south door, which they can’t open. Hmmm, thief picking the lock, Knock, Dispel Magic, nothing’s working; the Elf-lady has noticed the 8-arrowed symbol on Vlandril’s shield matches the magical inscription on the door. When it’s finally pressed to the door, it swings open! Took them long enough.

Now they’re in the ziggurat room, standing in a foot of water; their light doesn’t even reach to other side or floor, but they’re sure something’s there. Of course, the pets think it’s feeding time and here they come, eels first – how shocking! The skinny mage got zapped good and fell in, the Meat Tin is jumping in after him! And he jumps right back out, setting the mage in the doorway as the rest start attacking the eels.

With the eels dead, the Savage takes a necklace from the Elf and climbs into the water, smashing the glass wall and letting the water flood the scorpions on the next level down. Good thing they tied a rope to him or he’d have been washed away. This group uses their brains, hmmm. Now they’re doing the same to the flooded scorpion glass, and it’s flooding the next level down and over that to the bottom where the Manticores are. The sea-lions are trying to attack the Savage as he attempts to break this glass – he’s decided to just jump in and fight the last sea-lion.

That’s done, now that glass is broken, too, and the Manticores have all drowned. Poor things.



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