The North Journey - A Greyhawk Campaign

Back In Niole-dra

Has it really been a year?

In the course of cleaning-out and remodeling the newly-acquired warehouse and shoppe two notes were found. In the warehouse Darmok discovered a torn letter from a figure named Ygaz, written to the former owner of the warehouse, a stonemason named Berenac; the letter referenced one Pettifor at the Archives. Darmok asked about this when he took the strange cylinder and scarab to be examined there, and was told by Pettifor that Ygaz hired Berenac for some construction on his tower; Pettifor acts as Ygaz’s agent in Niole-dra. For a small fee a sage named Duston identified the scarab as a Scarab of Enemy Detection, and was contracted to research the cylinder at a cost of 50gp/day.

The other note, found in the shoppe (which is being remodeled to sell items found during the party’s expeditions), was a crumpled-up piece of parchment with two scripts. The first: “Albore Aliron – current indebtedness 3,200 Keols.  Pay in full before the 8th day Patchwall. Felonius Philemon”
    The second: “Reach in Ralishaz’ chamberpot! Albore of the Unlooked-For”

The party learned that the former owner of the shoppe, a rug merchant, had incurred quite a bit of gambling debt to the thieve,s guild, and was forced to sell his business to the city due to tax debts. A bartender nearby informed them Albore was a strange character, wearing oddly-patterned clothes and constantly gambling.

Chees has decided to base herself out of the Temple of Saturnus, with Geoff’s approval; neither she nor Darmok have chosen to travel all the way to Chendl, in Furyondy, to be fully knighted by King Belvor IV. They were informed by Geoff that a call has gone out to all Knights of the Law to be alert for any information regarding the recent disappearance of Prince Thrommel, as auguries and divinations yielded only the thinnest of clues – an evil temple somewhere in a forest. His kidnapping occurred in southern Veluna, as spell casters and humanoids suddenly appeared in the midst of a bullet the attack in a village Thrommel’s lightly-escorted carriage was passing through. Upon seizing the Prince they just as suddenly disappeared.

Exex was sought out by a crier and given a message from Tylanis Johnsson, Castellan of the Keep on the Borderlands. She was told that back in the Dreadwood, her home village and other elven communities were besieged and forced to pay tribute to a usurper calling herself Verdichlorinous, the Poisonous Green Queen of the Dreadwood Elves.

Allynfred the dwarf and Rebamac elected to spend some hard-earned currency to commission field plate armor, a process that will take a month for completion at two different armories. And, as renovations are made to the property and field harness being constructed (which will involve fitting, so the characters will have to be available), the party decided to accompany Exex to the Dreadwood.



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