The North Journey - A Greyhawk Campaign

Book Three, Chapter Three - Pazar, Conclusion Part 2

A desert loot-fest

Toughest Foe – a concealed bat-like summoned creature

Most Dangerous Place – a false treasury, full of mechanical and magical traps

Nearly Departed – Exex, from an exploding tome

The party leaves the dungeon to regain spells; they want to have Dispel Magics available to bypass magical traps on the two unopened doors in the long hall. Their first attempt is the north, middle, door, which they succeed in opening to find a second door 10 feet in, also locked and Wizard Locked. When they finally get through this door a wide treasure room presents itself, full of chests and coffers, a table with fine servingware of precious metals, and numerous gilded statues. A crocodile-motif sarcophagus, tall dark winged statue, bronze gong and several granite pedestals are also placed in the chamber.

Paddy decided to have Exex examine the loot, without touching anything; some coffers and jars had been opened and appeared empty. When Exex reached a locked chest by the sarcophagus and Paddy had her open it, it appeared full of deteriorating exotic hides. Once she reached in and moved the hides around, finding a salvageable crocodile skin, the tall dark statue moved and leaped across the room, attacking her. It’s illusion dispelled, everyone could see this guardian was another of the large, bat-like creatures they had fought out on the sands in front of the Tomb.

Unfortunately, it’s attack rolls sucked and when the party won initiative on the first round after this surprise she slipped away as the fighters put the beat-down on it and Bobill cast Magic Missiles at it. It then disappeared and reappeared just a moment later behind Paddy, getting several attacks in at an advantage before the party finally did it in the following round. Poor guy.

Our tireless crew is now free to explore the room, and finds coffers with ingots of precious metals, an exquisitely-crafted birdcage complete with singing mechanical bird, jars of spices and incense, gilded bronze statues, a metronome, and a magical flying scarab, among other treasures. Before hauling out the goods, the other door down the hall is to be explored.

Traps are found on this door and the room cautiously entered by Paddy and Exex; within a minute a loose flagstone, probably a trap trigger, is found in the middle of the floor. This room also contains numerous chests, urns, pots and coffers placed in front of three walls, but as the items are checked magical and mechanical traps are found, including a book which explodes in Exex’s face, nearly killing her. The chests and coffers that they open contain coins cleverly layered over rocks, or scraps of rusting metal, or nothing. The party spends about 20 minutes in the room before determining this chamber is a deadly diversion and then head back to the Treasury, which is soon emptied of anything deemed valuable. The wagon is just as quickly filled.

So ended play for the night, with an uneventful journey westward presumed. Not a one was sorry to leave the sandy wastes behind – though some wondered whether the Spring of Athis would still maintain it’s healing powers for them, should they ever return.



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